Current Projects

Water Meter Replacement Project - Starting October 2023

D&M Water Supply Corporation will begin a water meter replacement project whereby every residential and commercial customer will receive a new water meter as part of a program to update our aging infrastructure. 

D&M is going to utilize a Smart Water Meter combined with Advanced Metering Infrastructure “AMI” in our system.  An AMI system is a combination of water meters, communication networks, and data management systems that enable two-way communication between meter endpoints and utilities.  This technology does not require D&M personnel to collect the meter reading data on site each month.  Instead, smart meters along with AMI automatically transmits the data directly to D&M’s office in near real time. 

By utilizing these new smart meters in our system, D&M will bring improved accuracy in metering water usage compared to the current outdated meters that often do not measure low flow usage or stop measuring usage due to a surge of water caused by some types of water leaks.  Accurate readings ensure equity across the system since members will be paying for the water they actually consume.  D&M staff will also be better equipped to assist members with issues and concerns about their usage.  This includes the ability to notify members within a couple of days, if not sooner, when we see unusual usage or flow through the meter. 

D&M is committed to maintaining, operating, and improving the water system.  Below are some FAQ’s regarding the meter change out program.  If you have a question not covered below, please call the office during business hours so someone can assist you.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will my water bill increase?
A: As meters age, they tend to run slower and may not measure all the water going through them. Depending on the age and accuracy of the existing meter or undetected leaks, you may experience a higher bill due to the reliability of the new meters to detect both low and high flow usage accurately.

Q: Do I need to be home for the meter replacement?
A: No, you do not need to be home. All work will be performed at the existing meter box location.

Q: Will D&M personnel access my property if it is fenced and the gate is closed?
A: Yes, D&M personnel or those working on behalf of the district will need access to the existing meter box location. If you have a special request for accessing your property please call the office at 936-559-9900.

Q: Does my meter have to be replaced or can I opt out?
A: All meters must be replaced to be compatible with our new system. You may not opt-out of having the meter replaced.

Q: Will my water service be interrupted during installation?
A: Yes, there will be a temporary service interruption while the meter is replaced, typically less than 30 minutes.

Q: Will this new meter change my water service?
A: No, there will be no difference in your water service.

Q: How do I read the new meter?
A: The new meters feature an easy-to-read display that includes gallons used (to the tenths), and a series of status icons. When water is flowing you will see the numbers changing.

Q: How will the meter data be transmitted?
A: Data will be transmitted by radio frequency. Radio frequencies are non-ionizing and are safer than the IR light in your TV remote, cellphone, or even your microwave.

Q: Is it safe for people to be around the equipment?
A: It is safe to be around the equipment. The power source is equivalent to two AA batteries. The batteries are sealed in water-proof epoxy.

Q: Who Should I contact with questions?
A: Please contact customer service at 936-559-9900, during business hours, with questions concerning the meter replacement, new service, or billing.